University expulsions: A two tier system

Universities around the UK are employing a two tier system. They are expelling students who are against mass immigration and students who foolishly write racist comments on Facebook simply for words they have written or uttered.

On the other hand they allow violent and racist left wingers and Muslims to remain in University even after physically attacking people in racist or sectarian attacks.

This compares to the well established two tier justice system employed in the UK where violent Muslims have been spared jail and natives who have committed minor speech or graffiti crimes have gone to prison.

Case study 1: Alex Davies

Alex Davies was involved with National Action, the non-violent “Neo-Nazi” group that is ridiculously labeled a terror organisation. NA were very radical in their outlook and can’t be condoned of course but this is while the Muslim Brotherhood an actual terror organisation is not labeled a terror organisation.

Check out one of their posters below and tell me this isn’t ridiculous. Alex was kicked out of Warwick Uni by a mob of students and fled for his safety. Knowing full well these students are often violent.


Kristian O’Sullivan. Pictured below opposing an anti-grooming and murder protest in Coventry is the typical example of a hypocritical lefty who comes from a good family in the countryside and doesn’t understand white working class issues.

He also led the demonstration against the EDL in Coventry in 2016 and the mob that chased Alex Davies from Warwick University. The EDL called the protest after the Muslim who beat a pensioner to death in Coventry got just 42 months in jail for the crime. It was a completely genuine gripe.


Kristian has made himself a thorn in the side of the EDL who have been trying to protest what are legitimate concerns including but not excluding grooming and atleast 3 racist murders. This guy does not even stand on the strength of his own professed convictions.

Here he attacks Coventry’s Chinese community.


Here he disparagingly comments on someone’s ethnicity.


Kristian claims to be a champion of the NHS and the disabled yet…..


I had to look up “flid”


He then puts the reader beyond any doubt that this is his account by publishing a picture of his passport.


If you are going to chase people out of a University and put them in physical danger by whipping up a mob against them you need to make sure you are not guilty of hypocrisy. This guy is doing a Sociology course and spitting out comments like that on Twitter. If the left reject him, we will have him over on the Alt-Right.


Above is some creepy Common Purpose jargon from his Twitter page. Pushing their Communist religion.

Anyway; Kristian and his friends at the Coventry Socialist Students doxed Alex Davies and informed the SJWs over at Warwick University. Warwick University, like most Universities now is full of foreigners who think they have the right to tell us what to do.

This resulted in Alex being forced to leave by the University.

Case Study 2: Mohammad Khalifa 


Mohammad Khalifa was part of a gang who raced about in a car shouting “Kill the Jews” and throwing eggs at Jews. This is an actual assault and threats to kill. In the article below you can see his father defending his actions. If you look at his fathers Facebook you can see the guy is a hopping mad Islamist. As is the son.


He went to University College London, that took no action against him for the attack. He was allowed to finish his degree and no doubt one of daddies Muslim doctor friends got him a job at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.


He is still interacting with Muslim Brotherhood people.


Mohamed’s brothers, Khorshid’s sons have this on their Facebook. If you know what it is please comment. It certainly looks ISISesque.


They are also raising money, apparently for a Mosque in Uganda. If that was the case though why don’t they just use the normal charity routes?


Anyway they are a story for another day……


Case Study 3: Liam Stacey

“Liam was arrested after his tweets were reported to police by Twitter users from across Britain, including the former England striker Stan Collymore. The 21-year-old pleaded guilty to the Racially Aggravated s4A Public order Act 1986. He posted his offensive comments shortly after Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest during his team’s FA Cup quarter-final tie against Tottenham Hotspur on 17 March.”

Well Liam was JAILED for 56 days and expelled from University. When you consider this was just a young guy pissed up at a computer hundreds of miles from his “victim”. It is quite scary the starkness of the two tier system. It is an ugly system and will have to be made right.

Case Study 4: Liam Turbett

Liam Turbett, the son of Colin Turbett is another one of these Irish Republican Antifa types  types. His Father is a leading member of the Scottish Socialist Party.

Liam Turbett was involved and convicted of involvement in what can only be described as a sectarian attack on people celebrating the Royal Wedding in Glasgow. He was at Glasgow University at the time and despite being convicted of attacking people in what could only sanely be described as sectarian circumstances. He was not expelled and went on to complete his degree and is now working for EKOS.


He also published an article that is now deleted where he mocks the Procurator Fiscal over his failed 2011 trial. Luckily we have it archived. Well lucky for us.



















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