Labour Alternative is the Socialist Party

Labour Alternative and its message of cross community solidarity is quite literally a front for the old green left. Labour Alternative is just a slightly more acceptable face used by the Socialist Party. A hugely Republican dominated party.


In this link below the socialist party admits to launching Labour Alternative. Labour alternative, is the Socialist Party.

The archive.

All the socialist party has done in this instance is GET TO a few people from the protestant community and spend some time indoctrinating them on class warfare with the aim of getting them to appeal to and co-opt the Protestant working class voice. Class warfare and socialism being the tools that the green left want to use to chip away at whatever wealth and influence Protestants may still have.

The third level education system and unions are used heavily in this conspiracy, as is Common Purpose, the mainland UK based communist charity that the Daily Mail called “The left’s gentlemans club.”

Courtney Robinson, the leading “Protestant” in the Party posted this on her Facebook. Commemorating the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.


She is also a typical third wave feminist who took part in the highly degenerate “Abortion pill train.” Where a load of female lefty politicians and activists took abortion pills bought in the UK to Dublin and took them in defiance of the law.


Anyway, front parties listed in the Socialist Party strategy document polled 50,000 collective votes in 2016 and are set this time to take home a bigger share.

Cross Community Labour Alternative are a symptom of a problem that Unionists have been allowing to fester for some time. A problem that is not isolated to Northern Ireland but does take on a sectarian tone here.

To put it simply the left runs the public services, educational establishment and the unions.


Warwick University bans Muslim Apostate from speaking

A woman who apostatized from ISLAM has been banned by Warwick University’s far left student Union over fears it might upset Muslims.

In the video below Islamist thugs intimidate the woman at Goldsmiths University.

Universities in the Midlands have been blighted by a booming Muslim left alliance that is trying to stymie freedom of speech. These groups are heavily funded by the government and by Universities.


Migrant attacks in Coventry

The Church of England’s Bishop Cocksworth of Coventry’s moral position is getting more and more untenable. If he were to resign and to appoint the head of a local grooming gang to his post, at least we would know where we stand.


He came out against the EDL for their protest in opposition to grooming gangs and racist murders in Coventry.

The latest scandal is the “Facebook rape gang.” A mixed black and paki stani rape gang.

The march in Coventry went ahead. During the march members of the EDL were forced into a tunnel and beaten in a flagrant act of police brutality and political policing.


I will list what has been going on in Coventry below to demonstrate how desperate the situation is for working class natives. The situation is so bad that they are having to close parks (even during the day) to stop grooming gangs targeting kids.

Every English Bishop’s home is a castle, apparently the wee girls don’t get those rights or anything close.


The Murder of Emma Smith (of Coventry) who was killed along with her son and father in a house fire set by a Muslim.

Two white women from Bedworth, very near Coventry were killed by foreigners, one black burnt his white girlfiend alive in a car and a Muslim taxi driver killed a woman he had rape pimped on drugs. He hooded and bound her and threw her into the canal.

Huge grooming gang operating in Coventry.

Ten members of alleged sex grooming gang are charged

Another anti-white grooming gang

A Muslim beat a pensioner to death in the street in a racist attack. The handling of the case was bungling and the guy got a slap on the wrist. He was let out on bail awaiting trial and only got 1 and 1/2 years for murder.

Black/Muslim gang kidnaps and tortures white man. Chopping off a finger.

There has been the usual campaign of anti-white intimidation.

Home invasions, rape kidnaps are just the norm in Coventry now.

A home invasion where a black invaded a white woman’s home and bludgeoned her with a brass door knocker before raping her.

There is the usual targeting vulnerable/special needs whites for conversion. Here Coventry University’s campus is used for that purpose.

The usual terror stuff:

The racist killing of a white teenager on a night out by 4 dindus:

In 2016 in Coventry 7 people were arrested on terror charges.

You could literally spend all day listing these harrowing occurrences. The aim of Cocksworth. Who is of no use to his congregation at all. Is to simply cover up the situation and pretend all is well and the EDL or whoever else complaining about this is at fault.

Cocksworth is a full spectrum corrupto, who just dismisses every issue out of hand and waves the racism finger at his opponents. He truly is a pharisee, if ever there was a case of feigned religiosity for money, and denial of your flock this is it.

He even handed his Mansion over to  fake “Syrian” refugees.

Refugee attacks British man for scam site

A refugee, who is obviously a handy boxer has knocked out a man to share the video online for profit. Basically these gangs start fights with drunk lone males and attack them.  As you can see the native is holding a takeaway bag, having just left a fast food joint.

One of the gang members, anticipating the attack was filming as the man left the restaurant with his take-out. He was then followed into the street by the assailant. With one gang member filming in the doorway.

As you can see from the end of the clip.


This man was obviously drunk and was targeted by the gang to provide CLICKBAIT for scamming websites. A video like this can be worth thousands to a gang as it is sold on to many websites internationally who use it to scam and peddle merchandise.

This is quite common now, for Muslims to attack whites and use the videos for  scamming and just plain anti-white entertainment websites. Most cases go unreported. This has even been known to include rapes.

It is something that should be pursued and prosecuted, as yet I have never heard of one case of the gangs even being arrested.

The equivalent would be Neo-Nazis beating up refugees and using the footage to sell T-Shirts and ad-space. I can’t imagine the powers that be turning a blind eye to that.

Does anyone recognise where this is? If so please contact us using our contact form. We would like to find out who this refugee is and ensure he is not able to carry out more attacks.

The Daily Mail, the British cuckservative newspaper linked to the video and wrote “Massive man gets knocked out by smaller opponent.”

The man on the left but for his boots would be the same height as the refugee and has a big beer belly. This is why we need white working class media. The toffs and the left like to see a white “chav” hit the ground.

ANTIFA attack girl outside a bar in Murcia

ANTIFA in the Spanish City of Murcia have attacked a 19 year old woman outside a bar in Spain. The back story is that she was purported to have had a Spanish flag bracelet. An ANTIFA inside is then believed to have spotted the bracelet and summoned the gang, who roam around looking for victims  and need only the slightest excuse to attack a person.

Apparently 6 of the leftists have been identified and arrested.


The actor Willy Toledo justified the attack calling the girl “human garbage.”


Hamas proponents visit NI


Jumana Manna and Sile Storihle. Two artsy mass immigration proponents and Hamas supporters from Norway have toured Belfast over the past weeks and this blog has been following their campaign.


They were in Belfast to give talks on “Forms of resistance” and to meet with local Republican activists.



“We have managed to keep unemployment low, far lower than the rest of Western Europe. We have many reasons for self respect but no reason to be self-righteous. What we have won is important but greatness is measured in what we can do for others. Here we have an inheritance to live up to. Norway must be a nation of benevolence and solidarity. Let us follow in the footsteps Fridtjof Nansen (Norway’s 1921 UN Commisioner of refugees) in his work for refugees and the needy in other countries. Our vision is that one day no child will stretch out his hand for bread and not receive it.”

Their material is subtle. The left is always quite subtle in order to gently nudge normies into holding odd opinions in a gradual manner. Not subtle enough though not to feature a child with an assault rifle.


The intention of these speaking tours is for them to act as an acceptable form of interactive learning for lefty trade union/social worker types. It is a dangerous ideology that they are peddling. One that glorifies violent struggle and seeks to co-opt native European support for Hamas.

Please remember again guys this is Lottery funded. Remember that when you buy your lottery ticket.

One of their weird terror glorifying/ Christian slating videos: