In the first book of Kings the wise King Solomon is confronted with two women who claim that one baby is theirs. It stands to reason that both women can’t have given birth to the one baby (withstanding modern hocus pocus). So King Solomon in his wisdom proposes literally to cut the baby in half and give each woman a half. The idea being the genuine mother will give up the baby in order that it may live.

This situation exists in Ireland today. The left are so desperate to steal our babies, literally from their mother’s wombs. Their vexed morality demands a human sacrifice. Their hungry lips quiver at the idea of being able to get one over on the good.

The acceptance of leftist eugenics doctrine as just another “religion” to be tolerated is a sure sign of a society gleefully skipping down the road to ruin. We are already in the middle of a population crisis, people simply are not having kids. This comes from a combination of social manipulation, changes like the “empowerment” of women have annihilated the family. Convincing women that they must work. We are not talking about talented women working as CEOs here, we are talking about women working in factory lines well into their 60s.

All this might be ok in a world where we Christians have no competition. We do have competition though. In the form of Islam. Islam is within our borders in huge numbers and poised to take advantage of our every weakness. 

The left focus on fringe issues when they talk about abortion. Just like they focus on fringe issues when they talk about anything. Take the refugee crisis, they focus on the 5% of refugees that are actually fleeing the warzone of Syria. The fact that they always focus on the extreme fringe issues when deciding policy, and have to apply this policy to everyone equally. “Equality” is their banner. Everyone gets the same bowl of stew regardless of whether you are hungry or not. This means incredible waste, incredible social change where their need not have been any. It also means incredible cruelty, be it abortions, attacks by the left’s darling grooming gangs or just the cruelty of austerity following the left’s overspending.

No. We mustn’t have it anymore. Christians and social conservatives must stand strongly together lest we become victimised by their policies. We must set aside all differences and start digging in against these trash, dig in. Repel their attacks and finally drive them back to their squalid low league Universities and community colleges.


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