Shady funding for Belfast Mosque

The secretive Charity Common Purpose that the UK Government uses for all it’s social engineering and multicultural enforcement tasks has been funneling public money to the Belfast Islamic Center. The Charity hires the Center to conduct seminars, where the charity indoctrinates local police and civil servants. Convincing them to act in the interests of multiculturalism […]

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RBAI pro-immigration indoctrination

Belfast’s students were treated to a wave of pro-immigration propaganda following the Paris attacks where Muslim migrants killed 129 people with bombs and assault rifles. RBAI had it’s Muslim Schools Cup star Yasser Omar address it’s school Assembly where the students where given the usual message that Islam is the religion of peace and that […]

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Muslim training camp Ireland

Four years ago the Belfast Islamic Center released a very slick propaganda video where they were essentially begging their hosts (us) to donate money for the building or extension of their Mosque in Belfast. In the video a Mosque organiser admits that most of the Muslims in Northern Ireland are Asylum seekers. I will provide […]

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Referendum on making NI multi-ethnic

Is overzealous victimology and the demands on the public from various victim groups and those that push these victims groups forward impeding our society from better success? As I have demonstrated on this blog there are groups of social justice warriors active in our Universities. These groups have an imported ideology from more ethnically diverse […]

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