Shady funding for Belfast Mosque

The secretive Charity Common Purpose that the UK Government uses for all it’s social engineering and multicultural enforcement tasks has been funneling public money to the Belfast Islamic Center.

The Charity hires the Center to conduct seminars, where the charity indoctrinates local police and civil servants. Convincing them to act in the interests of multiculturalism rather than in the interests of their taxpayers. Common Purpose, the charity is paid by councils, the Police, hospitals and any other public facing organisation to conduct these seminars for their employees that take place in the Belfast Islamic Center. You just simply cannot be in any position of authority in the UK without going through Common Purpose multiculturalism courses.

The evidence is presented below.








RBAI pro-immigration indoctrination

Belfast’s students were treated to a wave of pro-immigration propaganda following the Paris attacks where Muslim migrants killed 129 people with bombs and assault rifles. RBAI had it’s Muslim Schools Cup star Yasser Omar address it’s school Assembly where the students where given the usual message that Islam is the religion of peace and that Muslims are wonderful.


Yasser Omar RBAI’s Muslim poster boy

Of course no one would want individual Muslims to be blamed for the actions of their co-coreligionists and if Muslim kids are at school here with useful parents who are paying their way they should be treated well and people should be made aware that they are good people contributing to our society but there is a difference between that and brainwashing our future generation into accepting the numbers of Muslims that would inevitably lead to social problems and terror.





Muslim training camp Ireland

Four years ago the Belfast Islamic Center released a very slick propaganda video where they were essentially begging their hosts (us) to donate money for the building or extension of their Mosque in Belfast. In the video a Mosque organiser admits that most of the Muslims in Northern Ireland are Asylum seekers. I will provide a link to the video in the sources. The organiser makes the admission @ 5 minutes 30.


Above is a snapshot of the video that is particularly revealing. They have taken a video from ground level of the City Hall. With our old flag still proudly in place (taken in 2011). A “diversity” rainbow windmill, I’m not sure if it was erected for the video but it is certainly very convenient. The most symbolic thing in the video is a direction sign. This is meant to portray Belfast moving in a new direction.

We have always been told that Muslims who were coming to Northern Ireland were essential workers such as doctors, or businessmen that are bringing contracts with them and so on. This is repeated again and again to drill it into us. This is a downright lie. Our leaders have tricked us. Most of the Muslims in Northern Ireland are asylum seekers who have very little or no skill and even expect us to build them a Mosque.

What happened to doing a days work and getting a days pay? Now you do a days work and give your money over to the council who give it to people who despise you. We need to end this system of bringing people into the country and setting up lives for them, giving them everything they need to start chipping away at our society.

The Author of the video Nabil Ali is also an interesting character. You can see by the other videos he has uploaded that he is an international Muslim organiser. These people are very organised and their aim is to spread all over the West and to use our stupid liberal laws to gain a foothold and then ultimately take over.


If you look at the top right of the recticle above war game, it has the same words that are written in this poster. It seems to have something to do with martyrdom.



One of Nabil’s other videos is of what looks like a training camp in Southern Ireland. You could understand it if they were boys but these are certainly grown men. He seems to have some sort of recticle in use. On its own it may be harmless but along side his obvious wish for Islamic expansion in Northern Ireland it is worrying.


The training camp video


The Mosque begging video


Referendum on making NI multi-ethnic

Is overzealous victimology and the demands on the public from various victim groups and those that push these victims groups forward impeding our society from better success?

As I have demonstrated on this blog there are groups of social justice warriors active in our Universities. These groups have an imported ideology from more ethnically diverse societies and globalist run universities, they are importing the idea that Africans and Muslims and whomever else might want a slice of Northern Ireland is inherently entitled to it and the free food and board that goes along with it.

You would not expect to go out to Africa and for the population of an African country to pay for you to live in a flat and give you a whole load of job opportunities ahead of members of their society. That however is what is happening for many Africans and Muslims coming here.

The social justice warriors, common purpose and other groups and individuals in Northern Ireland have made it impossible for anyone to come out and say we need to have a referendum on the Africanisation and Islamisation of this country. Politicians from all the main parties refuse to assert that no one from abroad should be entitled to come here and live for free. More-so that we do not want to become like Birmingham or any of the other towns or cities where the multicultural nightmare is in full swing.

If we are to destroy this society as it is and replace it with something foreign, with the kind of society you find in Birmingham or any of the areas of the UK where these policies have been in place for 30 years or more then we need a referendum. It is clear that the progressives are just making these changes as they have in every case from Glasgow to Gibraltar by just letting in immigrants and providing them with public funding unilaterally without the knowledge or support of the people.

This is done under the guise of certain schemes. They have been pushing the idea that the west owes a blood debt to Africa and the Middle East  because of slavery. It is true that the elite slave owning and Imperial families like the Royals and David Cameron’s family may have the physical assets taken from the slaves, or the Palaces taken from Scots Clans or land taken by force from Saxon nobles. None of this in any way means that we in Northern Ireland. People descended from exploited sheep farmers and cottagers have any debt to pay Africa or Islam.

This country belongs to Catholics and Protestants, that is culturally diverse and challenging enough.

Our tourism economy relies on us retaining our character. Tourists do not come to Belfast to trip over the sleeping bags of Romanian Gypsies or to listen to the squaks and squeaks of an Afghan busker. Belfast is becoming a petri dish of over-tolerance. With our homeless people dying in the streets while African immigrants look out at them from their city center hostel rooms.

These social justice warriors and globalists are all going to need to be chased over the hill and far away (to quote Pastor McConnell) or the situation  will degrade to that of Rotherham or Birmingham.