Rename Mandela Hall

2014-09-27-16-16-05.anc etnische zuiveringen

This is a campaign to rename the Nelson Mandela Hall. The Student Union Venue at Queens University. There are plans in place for it to be renovated or knocked down and rebuilt but these plans have not been confirmed yet. This campaign proposes that the Hall in this form or another be renamed after an individual who was/is not a terrorist or a proponent of genocide.


Nelson Mandela is famed around the world for having created a great rainbow nation with love and tolerance for all but as soon as the ANC Party under Nelson Mandela took the reigns of Power in Pretoria white people started turning up dead, bloodied and tortured all over the country.  There were 70,000 white South Africans killed between 1994 and 2012 in what was a a concerted and in many cases organised genocide (1).

It was a racist genocide against white people and if anyone tries to bring attention to this they are shouted down and called racist. The reality is that there were many times more white South Africans killed since 1994 than there were blacks killed during the whole Apartheid period so its not really right that the ANC should play the victims.

The left wing, mainly Republican Student Union at Queens (4 out of 6 of its leading officers are left wing Republicans currently) some years ago decided to name this hall after this monster Mandela in order to get at conservatives and reality conscious white students. There is no place for this kind of celebration of such barbarity in our public life.

The Conservatives at queens are more or less unable to speak openly on this issue, sandwiched between the left wing Republican majority of students and the administration keen to remove anyone from the University who goes against the post colonialist consensus.

This campaign would like to point out that Kader Asmal, who was a leader of the Irish Anti Apartheid Campaign had admitted in his book that the IRA were helping the ANC carry out terror attacks in the 1980s. Its no surprise then that the Republican Hijacked University would name a building after a former terror hero (2).

The Campaign will inform the QSU  of the problems with the name and we hope that they will respond appropriately and find a neutral figure and positive role model to rename the building after.



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