I have recently received a communique from a relative of someone studying at Queens University Belfast to the effect that this person is concerned at the level of Dawah going on at Queens. They managed to get me copies of the particular leaflet going around at the moment.

The leaflet originates from a Wahhabist outfit in Florida, USA that produces these leaflets and CDs. The pdfs are available for Muslims around the world who order their own leaflets printed. These particular leaflets and CDs are designed specifically to target left wing university students and African Americans. The leaflet is geared up to present to the reader the Justice and order of Islam against the perceived oppression of the west.

One of the quotes, a lie is “large numbers of African Muslim slaves were forcibly taken to the US to work on Plantations as slaves.” The reality of course is that it was the Muslim Corsairs that were trading in the slaves. Who were almost exclusively tribal Africans from the West Coast of Africa.


The leaflet is riddled with inaccuracies and the usual denial of the more violent verses in the Koran. This leaflet is quite mild compared to some that I have seen in England. Although this is just designed as a gateway to ease the potential convert into discussion.

The effectiveness with which Muslims are able to recruit converts is no laughing matter and although much of the information contained in this leaflet would not interest yourself it can appeal to young, desperate people who are looking out for friends etc.

Around 5000 people convert to Islam in the UK each year. Most of them are women who have met and fallen in love with one of the millions of lone Muslim men that came into Britain post 1997. Many however are young men who end up with ISIS in Syria. The left wing media has a large part to play in convincing these people that the Muslim narrative of oppression by the west is the correct one. This is despite the Muslims having killed all their minorities. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/11/islam-converts-british-women-prejudice

Anyway you can read the leaflet for yourself. As you do put yourself in the shoes of young man or woman in a Majority Muslim town like Bradford or Luton where most of the young men in the town are Muslim and you have to agree with them or you will be beaten or raped. It reminds you how lucky you are, for the time being living in Ireland.



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