Kalam Abdul “Crisis Councillor”

Kalam Abdul arrived in Northern Ireland in the early 1990s and with his family opened an Indian restaurant in Downpatrick. He later (in the 2000s) relocated, moving to Newtownards where the Government at the time had begun settling Bangladeshis.  He opened a restaurant in Hollywood with a business partner called the Ganges. This restaurant was a great success and brought him the label “Curry King” in the local press.


Kalam’s luck ended when a girl whom he had groomed in 1997 when he was 24 came forward (1). She had been working as a 14 year old waitress in his family restaurant. He had encouraged her to perform sex acts on him. Kalam was convicted in 2013 at Downpatrick Court of nine cases of sexual assault against the girl and jailed for 1 year and 4 months.

18702_1382424205316313_932303996_n (1)

Thats not it though, he trained in Northern Ireland as a Crisis Councillor. No doubt to get access to poor young girls in crisis. He even worked for a suicide helpline in Northern Ireland although I have been unable as yet to identify the charity.

Whats even worse is that now he is out of prison he has advertised himself as a Councillor and his own home as a counselling practice. I would appeal for more information on what he is up to with this if you have it. Below is his Yellow Pages account.



  1. https://theukdatabase.com/2014/02/25/kalam-abdul-newtownardsholywood/






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