Belfast Youth Cut4Equality

The left and the lefty internet rag Belfast Live have been encouraging kids in Bloomfield, Belfast to “Cut4Equality” their slogan being “My blood is red”. The video released by the lefty front group “Bloomfield Youth Safety Partnership” not only encourages kids to CUT THEMSELVES for equality but it also encourages kids to go out and daub the walls of Belfast with pro Mass Migration graffiti.


Of course no one would condone racist or sectarian graffiti, or these smashed windows and so on. What we do know though is that the left and indeed the refugees do have form for carrying out these kinds of actions in order to frame the “far right”. In this video for example they use examples of English graffiti, probably from the 1980s. They also use dubious internet postings and little snippets of the English politicians Enoch Powell and ex MEP Nick Griffin.

These kids are being taught by the left that they are the aggressors and that they have to cut themselves to atone for these supposed actions of a minority of people in their community or from outside (who knows). The actual truth is that through Mass Immigration, the elites and the left are attacking their future, their job prospects, their rent prices and their safety in the street. This comes after a spate of rapes by black African men and other foreign people on white women in the area. (sources 2 and 3)

This quite frankly borders on illegal and is quite perverse and distasteful. Getting kids to physically self mutilate as a means of atoning for white guilt. Specially since there isn’t even a scant historical basis to our slave guilt.


  1. The disturbing video





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