Common Purpose in Northern Ireland

Common Purpose is the “charity” that provides training on diversity, networking training and so on to public servants and to select individuals in the private sector who’s employers have sent them on these courses because they will be dealing with “diversity” questions or perhaps dealing with compliance issues surrounding mass immigration.  An example of a person in the private sector who might be common purpose trained and networked would be a journalist. Journalists are also largely guided by codes of ethics written by  common purpose graduated and networked individuals.

Graduated and networked is quite an important description as it allows these individuals to communicate and to comply with Common Purpose and their masters in Government. There is a network of these “graduates” and it is how Journalists and Police etc are able to move as one force.

Common Purpose graduates for example were the hidden force that worked to cover up the grooming scandal in Rotherham and other such scandals. There was even case that involved thousands of rapes in Birmingham where the West Midlands Police (Common Purpose graduates) came out and admitted they had covered up cases of grooming and had not alerted the public deliberately(1). How would a Policeman know to go against the public interest in favour of grooming gangs if not for intervention and pressure from somewhere. Common Purpose was started by Julia Middleton, a left wing lunatic and ex member of the Socialist Workers Party and it is the only link between all of these individuals and London.

To use Masonry as a comparison. There are different levels of Common Purpose graduates and for a person to get a certain job as for example head of the Social Services in an area one would need to graduate from a certain course and would need to be networked and in proper “understanding” with other networked individuals. Perhaps the head of the local Police force or some sort of Council Officer pertaining to that environment. See Source (2) for a list of courses, although don’t expect to enroll on one, I have tried. You have to be put forward for the course by a networked individual.

What has Common Purpose got to do with Northern Ireland? Well they’re here and their graduates are occupying a good portion of the positions of power in this country. The PSNI are particularly riddled with these graduates.  The PSNI spent £44,000 on these courses in the mid 2000s gearing up for the big wave of migration to hit our shores.

The price of £3172 for a mickey mouse week long course is absolutely crazy. That works out at paying one of these “tutors” £79 per hour if a 40 hour week was adhered to. Below is an example of a receipt from an information request by the research group Common Purpose exposed.



These graduates are extremely dangerous as there are all sorts of problems that can come from people in these positions conspiring for example to cover up crimes such as in the case of Birmingham. There is also the issue that Common Purpose networked individuals  in local Newspapers know not to expose the grooming gangs. They know not to criticise the Police and they know not to call a Pakistani an Pakistani.

A local problem with Common Purpose is that local authorities are not so rich as some in London and that to send these people on this extremely expensive and harmful “courses” costs a lot of money that should be spent on helpful things. The same money £3000 would put someone through their first YEAR of University here.


I will leave you with an article on Rotherham’s experience of Common Purpose and you can glean from that what we will face here if we do not oust these conspirators from our society.

Proof that Common Purpose is still operating here and using more public funds.






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