Gender Neutral Toilets at Queens Uni

The student council of Queens University’s notoriously left wing Student Union. Yes the one with the Mandela hall. Have passed a motion to replace a disabled toilet, a toilet specially fitted out for disabled people, with a “gender neutral restroom.” I’m just going to go ahead and drop the student Union’s Equality and Diversity manager Oisín […]

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Rename Mandela Hall

This is a campaign to rename the Nelson Mandela Hall. The Student Union Venue at Queens University. There are plans in place for it to be renovated or knocked down and rebuilt but these plans have not been confirmed yet. This campaign proposes that the Hall in this form or another be renamed after an […]

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Dawah @ Queens

I have recently received a communique from a relative of someone studying at Queens University Belfast to the effect that this person is concerned at the level of Dawah going on at Queens. They managed to get me copies of the particular leaflet going around at the moment. The leaflet originates from a Wahhabist outfit […]

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Kalam Abdul “Crisis Councillor”

Kalam Abdul arrived in Northern Ireland in the early 1990s and with his family opened an Indian restaurant in Downpatrick. He later (in the 2000s) relocated, moving to Newtownards where the Government at the time had begun settling Bangladeshis.  He opened a restaurant in Hollywood with a business partner called the Ganges. This restaurant was […]

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Belfast Youth Cut4Equality

The left and the lefty internet rag Belfast Live have been encouraging kids in Bloomfield, Belfast to “Cut4Equality” their slogan being “My blood is red”. The video released by the lefty front group “Bloomfield Youth Safety Partnership” not only encourages kids to CUT THEMSELVES for equality but it also encourages kids to go out and […]

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Common Purpose in Northern Ireland

Common Purpose is the “charity” that provides training on diversity, networking training and so on to public servants and to select individuals in the private sector who’s employers have sent them on these courses because they will be dealing with “diversity” questions or perhaps dealing with compliance issues surrounding mass immigration.  An example of a […]

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