Gender Neutral Toilets at Queens Uni

The student council of Queens University’s notoriously left wing Student Union. Yes the one with the Mandela hall. Have passed a motion to replace a disabled toilet, a toilet specially fitted out for disabled people, with a “gender neutral restroom.”


I’m just going to go ahead and drop the student Union’s Equality and Diversity manager Oisín Hassan’s whole blog announcing this change here for you to read. Its a very odd blog and it is plain to see that these loons are very at odds with both reality but more specifically with the gender that God assigned to them.

One concern this author would have was that if you allowed men and women to share toilets there might be some abuses in the toilets. G. K. Chesterton said “if you don’t know why a fence was put up, don’t pull it down.” Now might be a good time to take heed of that. anyway I will pass you to Oisín.

He says,

“Last year Student Council passed a motion to look into the feasibility of introducing Gender Neutral Toilets in the Students’ Union, and when I started in this role in July this was one of my top priorities. I was determined that we’d bring about the necessary changes in our Union to start dismantling gender norms, raising the visibility of Trans* and non-binary students, and begin to create an inclusive environment for everyone.

Last week the Students’ Union put up our first ‘Gender Neutral’ sign on a toilet door. While it just replaced a disability symbol on the door of a single occupancy toilet, after conversations with Trans* students I realised that even small but significant steps like this are appreciated. You see, our ‘male’ and ‘female’ toilets on the Ground Floor just aren’t suitable to be changed overnight. The lack of privacy in these toilets creates issues around safety, and would only cause further anxiety for vulnerable students. But I am committed to changing this.

Many of you might be wondering what the benefits of gender neutral toilets are? For Trans* people they breakdown the gender normative ‘male’ and ‘female’, recognising that gender is fluid and that there is a diverse spectrum of gender identity. Gender norms have reinforced what a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’ are supposed to look like, act like, how they dress, walk, speak, and even what roles they play in society. Trans* people often face barriers as the result of these norms. They just don’t fit into such perceptions. But it is not their identities that don’t fit in. Gender norms do not fit into our common humanity, nor do they embrace the diversity of our student population. So we need to do something about it.

Gender neutral toilets are just the beginning. Currently our Ground Floor toilets are painted two bright colours. Can you guess which colours? Believe it or not, the male toilets are blue, and the female toilets are pink. A perfect example of gender normativity. I was assigned the sex of ‘male’ at birth, and I identify as a man. Therefore I am cisgender. But I like pink too, so screw gender normativity.

Designated toilets for men and women create a dilemma for Trans* people. Imagine having to think about which toilet to walk into? Take into account that you may not be safe, you may get funny looks, or even comments. “You shouldn’t be in here.” Often Trans* people will choose not to go to the toilet, instead ‘holding it in’. This causes often severe health problems. By creating toilets that are welcoming to all people, we remove that initial barrier that causes so much anxiety and deliberation.

Gender neutral facilities can also be very positive for everyone, including cisgender men and women. Gay men, viewed as ‘effeminate’, often face bullying, harassment, and physical violence in toilets, while lesbians can also face similar violence and abuse in the women’s bathrooms. By removing designated toilets in communal areas we can begin to foster a greater respect for different identities.

Gender neutral toilets should be the norm, but gender-designated bathrooms are fine too. Some women may not want to share toilet facilities with men, and vice versa. And that’s absolutely fine. Having spoken to many people about their experiences’ on other university campuses, I quickly realised that gender neutral provision in communal and busy areas should be the accepted norm, but that gender designated toilets should be signposted on other floors. I’d like to see this happen in the Union.

But, it shouldn’t just be the Union.

If a Trans* person needs the bathroom, they aren’t going to walk from the MBC or the Ashby just to use the Students’ Union’s facilities. They may choose to do that in order to avoid entering a toilet that they don’t feel comfortable or welcome in, but they shouldn’t have to. This is why I have launched ‘Bogs for All’. Over the next few weeks I aim to talk to Estates, senior management, and to every School about how we go about providing gender neutral toilets in as many of the 220 buildings on our campus as possible.

Queen’s must begin to embrace the concept of gender neutral toilets and recognise in all aspects of our work that gender is a wonderful spectrum. I believe that we can achieve a lot in the coming months, and we will never look back.

That’s where you come in. If you want to get involved with the campaign to bring about gender neutral toilets on campus, or even if you have some suggestions as to where they could be introduced, I want you to get in contact! You’ll find all my contact details here.

I went on a journey of learning and discovery when I started to approach issues of Trans* visibility, healthcare, and rights. I want you all to join me on that journey. We won’t always get it right, and it won’t always be easy to make lasting change. But for the sake of all our staff, students, and for our society, we need to start somewhere. I believe QUB can be a leader. After all, this is a place of leadership, education, and progress.

This campaign means a lot to our non-binary students on campus, who have been a huge support to me in the course of my time in the Union. I hope when I walk out the door at the end of my term that Queen’s will be a more inclusive place for them to study, achieve, learn, and make a difference.”

Oisín (Hassan)







Rename Mandela Hall

2014-09-27-16-16-05.anc etnische zuiveringen

This is a campaign to rename the Nelson Mandela Hall. The Student Union Venue at Queens University. There are plans in place for it to be renovated or knocked down and rebuilt but these plans have not been confirmed yet. This campaign proposes that the Hall in this form or another be renamed after an individual who was/is not a terrorist or a proponent of genocide.


Nelson Mandela is famed around the world for having created a great rainbow nation with love and tolerance for all but as soon as the ANC Party under Nelson Mandela took the reigns of Power in Pretoria white people started turning up dead, bloodied and tortured all over the country.  There were 70,000 white South Africans killed between 1994 and 2012 in what was a a concerted and in many cases organised genocide (1).

It was a racist genocide against white people and if anyone tries to bring attention to this they are shouted down and called racist. The reality is that there were many times more white South Africans killed since 1994 than there were blacks killed during the whole Apartheid period so its not really right that the ANC should play the victims.

The left wing, mainly Republican Student Union at Queens (4 out of 6 of its leading officers are left wing Republicans currently) some years ago decided to name this hall after this monster Mandela in order to get at conservatives and reality conscious white students. There is no place for this kind of celebration of such barbarity in our public life.

The Conservatives at queens are more or less unable to speak openly on this issue, sandwiched between the left wing Republican majority of students and the administration keen to remove anyone from the University who goes against the post colonialist consensus.

This campaign would like to point out that Kader Asmal, who was a leader of the Irish Anti Apartheid Campaign had admitted in his book that the IRA were helping the ANC carry out terror attacks in the 1980s. Its no surprise then that the Republican Hijacked University would name a building after a former terror hero (2).

The Campaign will inform the QSU  of the problems with the name and we hope that they will respond appropriately and find a neutral figure and positive role model to rename the building after.



Dawah @ Queens

I have recently received a communique from a relative of someone studying at Queens University Belfast to the effect that this person is concerned at the level of Dawah going on at Queens. They managed to get me copies of the particular leaflet going around at the moment.

The leaflet originates from a Wahhabist outfit in Florida, USA that produces these leaflets and CDs. The pdfs are available for Muslims around the world who order their own leaflets printed. These particular leaflets and CDs are designed specifically to target left wing university students and African Americans. The leaflet is geared up to present to the reader the Justice and order of Islam against the perceived oppression of the west.

One of the quotes, a lie is “large numbers of African Muslim slaves were forcibly taken to the US to work on Plantations as slaves.” The reality of course is that it was the Muslim Corsairs that were trading in the slaves. Who were almost exclusively tribal Africans from the West Coast of Africa.


The leaflet is riddled with inaccuracies and the usual denial of the more violent verses in the Koran. This leaflet is quite mild compared to some that I have seen in England. Although this is just designed as a gateway to ease the potential convert into discussion.

The effectiveness with which Muslims are able to recruit converts is no laughing matter and although much of the information contained in this leaflet would not interest yourself it can appeal to young, desperate people who are looking out for friends etc.

Around 5000 people convert to Islam in the UK each year. Most of them are women who have met and fallen in love with one of the millions of lone Muslim men that came into Britain post 1997. Many however are young men who end up with ISIS in Syria. The left wing media has a large part to play in convincing these people that the Muslim narrative of oppression by the west is the correct one. This is despite the Muslims having killed all their minorities.

Anyway you can read the leaflet for yourself. As you do put yourself in the shoes of young man or woman in a Majority Muslim town like Bradford or Luton where most of the young men in the town are Muslim and you have to agree with them or you will be beaten or raped. It reminds you how lucky you are, for the time being living in Ireland.


Kalam Abdul “Crisis Councillor”

Kalam Abdul arrived in Northern Ireland in the early 1990s and with his family opened an Indian restaurant in Downpatrick. He later (in the 2000s) relocated, moving to Newtownards where the Government at the time had begun settling Bangladeshis.  He opened a restaurant in Hollywood with a business partner called the Ganges. This restaurant was a great success and brought him the label “Curry King” in the local press.


Kalam’s luck ended when a girl whom he had groomed in 1997 when he was 24 came forward (1). She had been working as a 14 year old waitress in his family restaurant. He had encouraged her to perform sex acts on him. Kalam was convicted in 2013 at Downpatrick Court of nine cases of sexual assault against the girl and jailed for 1 year and 4 months.

18702_1382424205316313_932303996_n (1)

Thats not it though, he trained in Northern Ireland as a Crisis Councillor. No doubt to get access to poor young girls in crisis. He even worked for a suicide helpline in Northern Ireland although I have been unable as yet to identify the charity.

Whats even worse is that now he is out of prison he has advertised himself as a Councillor and his own home as a counselling practice. I would appeal for more information on what he is up to with this if you have it. Below is his Yellow Pages account.








Belfast Youth Cut4Equality

The left and the lefty internet rag Belfast Live have been encouraging kids in Bloomfield, Belfast to “Cut4Equality” their slogan being “My blood is red”. The video released by the lefty front group “Bloomfield Youth Safety Partnership” not only encourages kids to CUT THEMSELVES for equality but it also encourages kids to go out and daub the walls of Belfast with pro Mass Migration graffiti.


Of course no one would condone racist or sectarian graffiti, or these smashed windows and so on. What we do know though is that the left and indeed the refugees do have form for carrying out these kinds of actions in order to frame the “far right”. In this video for example they use examples of English graffiti, probably from the 1980s. They also use dubious internet postings and little snippets of the English politicians Enoch Powell and ex MEP Nick Griffin.

These kids are being taught by the left that they are the aggressors and that they have to cut themselves to atone for these supposed actions of a minority of people in their community or from outside (who knows). The actual truth is that through Mass Immigration, the elites and the left are attacking their future, their job prospects, their rent prices and their safety in the street. This comes after a spate of rapes by black African men and other foreign people on white women in the area. (sources 2 and 3)

This quite frankly borders on illegal and is quite perverse and distasteful. Getting kids to physically self mutilate as a means of atoning for white guilt. Specially since there isn’t even a scant historical basis to our slave guilt.


  1. The disturbing video




Common Purpose in Northern Ireland

Common Purpose is the “charity” that provides training on diversity, networking training and so on to public servants and to select individuals in the private sector who’s employers have sent them on these courses because they will be dealing with “diversity” questions or perhaps dealing with compliance issues surrounding mass immigration.  An example of a person in the private sector who might be common purpose trained and networked would be a journalist. Journalists are also largely guided by codes of ethics written by  common purpose graduated and networked individuals.

Graduated and networked is quite an important description as it allows these individuals to communicate and to comply with Common Purpose and their masters in Government. There is a network of these “graduates” and it is how Journalists and Police etc are able to move as one force.

Common Purpose graduates for example were the hidden force that worked to cover up the grooming scandal in Rotherham and other such scandals. There was even case that involved thousands of rapes in Birmingham where the West Midlands Police (Common Purpose graduates) came out and admitted they had covered up cases of grooming and had not alerted the public deliberately(1). How would a Policeman know to go against the public interest in favour of grooming gangs if not for intervention and pressure from somewhere. Common Purpose was started by Julia Middleton, a left wing lunatic and ex member of the Socialist Workers Party and it is the only link between all of these individuals and London.

To use Masonry as a comparison. There are different levels of Common Purpose graduates and for a person to get a certain job as for example head of the Social Services in an area one would need to graduate from a certain course and would need to be networked and in proper “understanding” with other networked individuals. Perhaps the head of the local Police force or some sort of Council Officer pertaining to that environment. See Source (2) for a list of courses, although don’t expect to enroll on one, I have tried. You have to be put forward for the course by a networked individual.

What has Common Purpose got to do with Northern Ireland? Well they’re here and their graduates are occupying a good portion of the positions of power in this country. The PSNI are particularly riddled with these graduates.  The PSNI spent £44,000 on these courses in the mid 2000s gearing up for the big wave of migration to hit our shores.

The price of £3172 for a mickey mouse week long course is absolutely crazy. That works out at paying one of these “tutors” £79 per hour if a 40 hour week was adhered to. Below is an example of a receipt from an information request by the research group Common Purpose exposed.



These graduates are extremely dangerous as there are all sorts of problems that can come from people in these positions conspiring for example to cover up crimes such as in the case of Birmingham. There is also the issue that Common Purpose networked individuals  in local Newspapers know not to expose the grooming gangs. They know not to criticise the Police and they know not to call a Pakistani an Pakistani.

A local problem with Common Purpose is that local authorities are not so rich as some in London and that to send these people on this extremely expensive and harmful “courses” costs a lot of money that should be spent on helpful things. The same money £3000 would put someone through their first YEAR of University here.


I will leave you with an article on Rotherham’s experience of Common Purpose and you can glean from that what we will face here if we do not oust these conspirators from our society.

Proof that Common Purpose is still operating here and using more public funds.