Belfast Antifa/Anonymous NI “Morgan Collins Hugh”

Another big boss on the scene with the Belfast ANTIFA is “Morgan Collins Hugh.” Although we believe he is called Morgan Hughes from Andersonstown, Belfast. He is an ANTIFA and tinfoil hat guy. His girlfriend is an active member of UNISON.

Hughes and his girlfriend both know and went to school with Sean Burns, the Socialist Party activist. There is a big network of these people and they run a whole load of front groups. The likes of “Unite against poverty” is an example.

Its going to be a case of just going through them all and building up an idea of what we are dealing with.

Anyway…..this guy runs the page “Anonymous Northern Ireland.” Judging on how often it is updated it must be his main gig.


Like 75% of these guys he is a Republican. With believed familial links to the IRA. His page Anonymous Northern Ireland parrots the Belfast ANTIFA and Courtney Robinson pos+ propaganda. It doesn’t have any “Anonymous” content at all really.

Anonymous Northern Ireland recently shared a Belfast ANTIFA article exposing “fascists.”


What irritates me about these fake front groups is that a lot of the causes they purport to be supporting are genuine and inevitably suffer from being hijacked by these green left types.

Anonymous and pos+ far left authoritarianism of the Sean Burns tax and spend variety couldn’t be more far apart. The green left want you poor and dependent on them and their subscriptionists and corporate sponsors.

At the end of the day people are dying in the street in Belfast. Not in Larne or Carrickfergus.

Mossad outfit hire Tommy and camp Scotsman to cover WM attack

Rebel media, basically an Israeli interest outfit (likely Mossad linked) have gone all out and hired Tommy. It looks like they have a new guy on the scene, this time a gaelic camp Scotsman.

Why do the Jews want to push against their own multiculti propaganda? Is the balance tilting so far that way?

The Jews never have any problem pushing their fake libertarian agenda to attract young normies.

RHI scandal is not just an Irish thing

Insider economies are never good. It doesn’t matter who is operating them. The RHI scandal has a long history. Yeah it sort of got underway in 2015 but it is part of a much larger world wide scam.

Obviously those in the know are in line to benefit, while those, ordinarily taxpayers who are not in place to benefit lose out.

This is a global scam. Check out this mad scam in Kenya. A 100 billion shilling industry. Poor sods…..


Basically the globalists and the money men realised that they could make money from climate change or global warming. They went ahead and did that.

Most of these scams do nothing what so ever to benefit the environment and often divert funds from cleaning up real pollution, like plastic microbead collection projects etc.

Lord Moncton, who is a big fan of Northern Ireland and a Roman Catholic speaks on this issue below.


Very often politicians who are not in the know just accept these kinds of things, if you remember Al Gore’s hockey stick diagram. It was totally fake but at the time many high up politicians accepted and generated policy based on it.

It remains to be seen through investigation, if any politicians in Northern Ireland have actually been deliberately mislead. It is quite a complicated issue, that aspect of it the money men had hoped would scare the public away from investigating it. Obviously it has not had this effect.

In effect if you are to call the DUP corrupt then you must call Mr Obama corrupt and Mr Cameron corrupt. This kind of investigation would never get off the ground on mainland Britain because of the system there. It is quite odd but interesting that because of the adversarial political system here that we are seeing these scams challenged.

Many of the flippy floppy leftists here could actually be damaging part of their global agenda with these challenges. If this happens it will be a great boon.

Merkel meets Trump

White genocide artist Merkel, very awkwardly meets with Trump. Who obviously knows she is a filthy commi.

Merkel the traitor below working with the Communist scum.


If only McCarthy had of lived longer.


Trump has to pretend to be dealing with this globalist regime as long as it still has steam. It is dying but it still has the power to ruin our future more than it already has.

The results…

The only slight upside of this is that Trump brings up the Obama spying on Merkel thing, that kind of throws a damp rag on the MSMs fake news “wiretap” thing.

Unfortunately when you don’t have a full shill on the go like Obama it is hard to cover up stories that the press has kind of phased out of the public consciousness.

Its so awkward seeing an old shill having to deal with our new legitimate leaders.


Grafton style child impoverishment on the rise

The Pete Feldman impoverishment model is biting hard into families in Northern Ireland. With partially employed parents undergoing weeks where no money is coming in at all.

Just whatever suits Pete and his clients.


Also, for the same reasons, not far from Pete’s glass tower young girls are sleeping out under the stars, easy pray for any of these fresh new Pakistanis or others here selling heroin.

homelessness is at double the rate it was in 2000 before the Tony Blair, Pete Feldman system came into place. What does that say about the EU and the fake corporate-socialist society we live in now?

It’s not very good is it. We have been diddled.