Sectarianism, weakness and cuckoldry

Sectarianism, or being part of an organisation promoting sectarianism, in Ireland, Scotland or abroad is a form of societal weakness.

It’s ok to preserve your culture, its ok to promote your culture but your culture shouldn’t involve systematically trying to fuck up the other side.

The picture below sums the whole thing up, leaves room for the money men.

The sectarian confusion:


I have witnessed many a thing in Northern Ireland, the most extreme bond that I have witnessed is that between people who genuinely want to preserve community and traditional interest.

Northern Irish/Irish traditionalists are some of the most committed and daring in the world because we have seen the whole process play out from start to finish and don’t want it for our kids.

We will fight for our future because we know if we don’t someday we will be asked to die for our kid’s future. We have seen forces on both sides willing to sell us out to grooming gangs and societal decline/degeneration. None will be tolerated.

Not by me as a man but by us as a community, hoping to stay that way.

The working class on this Island has on it’s back a lot of Rothschild University educated people looking to tweak around with our lives. Usually to the Rothschild liking. Not one of our ancestors ever said “be a Rothschild slave, that is what I want for you.” No one from either tradition wanted us to work for the minimum wage for bent merchants.

Conflict merchants like the Belfast Telegraph push conflict in peoples face everyday and offer being a cuckold to the Jewish bankers as the answer.


It’s a sin but more fool you for falling for it.




British man jailed for splashing Muslims with 卐 MILK 卐

We are used to some pretty twisted justice out of the UK but Shia Le Beouf must litterally be the judge in this case. Well, I guess they had to balance out the acid attacks etc with some RACIST ATTACK or other.

got milk

From the (((Bedfordshire News)))

Bare in mind this is the town Tommy Robinson is from, it has a very thriving Jihadi community and a Police force absolutely determined to bend over backwards to accommodate that.

A MAN who attacked takeaway staff and threw a milk jug at one of them has been sentenced to 12 weeks in prison.

Steven Brown, 26, of no fixed address, was found guilty of racially/religious aggravated common assault and racially/religious aggravated criminal damage at Luton Magistrates’ Court, on 30 June.

The court heard how the defendant, who was previously banned from the Peri Peri Cottage in Marsh Farm, Luton, became aggressive towards staff members.

He racially abused them, before becoming physically violent, hitting an employee in the face and throwing a milk jug at one of them.

On his removal from the premises the defendant smashed the glass door in an act of aggression and re-entered the building through the gap made by the glass.

This week he was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison and was also ordered by the courts to pay £115 compensation to the victim.

Hate Crime Sergeant James Hart said: “This incident caused significant harm and distress to all victims present.

Below: the hate crime Sargent James Heart at Srebrenica day. Yeah…….

hate crime

“This behaviour will not be tolerated by Bedfordshire Police and we are really pleased with the sentencing decision. It indicates that the Crown Prosecution Service and the courts also adopt a zero tolerance approach to hate crimes.

“They are based on ignorance, prejudice, discrimination and have no place in our society, as everyone has the right to live free from fear or harassment.

“We hope this case will encourage others who have experienced hate crimes to come forward and report them so they can feel safer, supported, valued and more confident to live their life to the fullest in an inclusive society.”


For those who don’t know why ANTIFA hate milk:


James Hart Tweet bank, this guy has a horse in the race.



sgt 3






Dagmar Schiek: EU ‘equality’ Czar

Dagmar Schiek, a Merkel babe from Deutschland is one the The Senator George J Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice  people at Queens University.


So she is basically funded by the EU and some democratic party fund in the US to put forward the argument for Globalism and social control. Leaving the EU is great but will it get these quibblers out of our country?

She has published a book on ‘the economic area option’ along with some other Queen’s Professor activists.

One of the most stand out suggestions she makes is “blending individuals and groups from different states and REGIONS into a multilevel European society.”

REGIONS means Muslims and African refugees.

This is cultural Marxism hiding behind plain language.

Below, Belgiums multilevel (Islamified) system. They even use the word commune.

eu ml

She is also a big fan of Ernst Deutch’s transnationalism and mentions wanting to apply this to Northern Ireland in her book.

Another aspect that she mentions in her book and that we are seeing clearly in Northern Ireland is Multilevel Governance. This is essentially compartmentalization. Common Purpose and it’s activities here are the perfect example of this.

The idea of this is to have people at different levels of government, the higher up you go, the more access you will have to information. This could be information like how many White Protestant males are employed, how much they are earning etc.

This is why they often have brainwashed East German socialists, Muslims, Jews etc in the higher up positions. They can’t count on us to destroy our own society. They use people who have a stake in our downfall.

This is who Judena Leslie get’s her orders from essentially.

This is authoritarianism, its like squeezing a snail with a cotton glove on, some day the shell will crack. In Northern Ireland the shell is bulging. In parts of England it is cracked.





‘Kill the Jews’ egg thrower working for the NHS

Anyone who knows the NHS knows it is controlled by and large by Muslims now. The Elites do that because they know patriotic Christians wouldn’t do the abortions or sit on the death panels.


Mohammad Khalifa was part of a gang who raced about in a car shouting “Kill the Jews” and throwing eggs at Jews. This is an actual assault and threats to kill. In the article below you can see his father defending his actions. If you look at his fathers Facebook you can see the guy is a hopping mad Islamist. As is the son.


He went to University College London, that took no action against him for the attack. He was allowed to finish his degree and no doubt one of daddies Muslim doctor friends got him a job at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.



He is still interacting with Muslim Brotherhood people.


Mohamed’s brothers, Khorshid’s sons have this on their Facebook. If you know what it is please comment. It certainly looks ISISesque.


They are also raising money, apparently for a Mosque in Uganda. If that was the case though why don’t they just use the normal charity routes?


We checked back with him in 2017, SHAHID SHAHID is the cry.

He is also griping about the Grenfell tower and the social murders.



Glasgow rap crews

Africans everywhere, shit degenerate rap culture everywhere. Sad. This is the future for everywhere, they have unlimited Africans to do it with.

Sell-out Sellar: Profile of a ‘reformer’

We have brought you some great stories in the past most notably about Anglicans who are selling us out to fake refugees.


Now here is one from Ireland the now ex-moderator of the Presbyterian Church Frank Sellar. Sellar is a Scots name and literally means ‘seller’ I.E. merchant. This guys ancestors would have gone about selling trinkets and bottles of elixir and stuff and it shows.

Sell out Sellar was voted out of the Moderatorship in February thankfully but while he was in office he did these things.

  • Came out against people drawing pictures of Mohammod saying it should cause people problems to do so.
  • Promoted gay ministers and women ministers. If any of you know about gossipy church women you know they shouldn’t be ministers, nor should gays for the same reason.
  • He said that bonfires were sinful and that they carried ‘the sins of the fathers.’
  • Went to personally thank the Irish Navy for ferrying 15,000 plus fake refugees from Africa to Italy.
  • Gave £650,000 (in one charity drive) of the Churches money to help poor refugees. £650,000 of money this country needs for it’s own people, not to fund unlimited numbers of Africans or whatever to come here.

So in analysis the guy went to Queens, so he is heavily soaked in all this Marxist stuff.

Relativism, pathological altruism etc are central in his psyche. Another problem with a lot of these people is that they know they can get ahead in the media and with the money men in Belfast by conceding reforms and being the ‘first’ Minister to come out in favour of whatever the next big degenerate step is to be.

It is incredible that the Presbyterian Church that fought for so long to exist is rolling over so easily to the forces of regression.

Upholding everything that is unhealthy.

I found the term ‘sins of the fathers’ as aimed at bonfire participants to be very abrasive. In fact it made me feel a bit sick. As Dr Sellar should aspire to lead those people. He should aspire to lead people who go to bonfires and perhaps help them make the bonfires more Godly or whatever.

However he didn’t, he fucked off with his £650,000. The idea of the bonfire people being sinful in his eyes is nothing more than Pharisaical. It does however reflect 100% the beliefs of the cabal of mostly foreign, alien elites at Queens University. These elites are the Babylon.

They have been in Power since after the war. Remember it was the Labour Party that built the conditions for the troubles. Then to turn around and blame a community that essentially never has, nor has had control over any of it’s conditions. The elites are soley to blame for the troubles.

Men like Dr Sellar will be to blame when the first Islamic bomb hits Belfast.







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